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    How to use patterns in your Branding


    Patterns are one of our favorite branding elements! They can play a vital role in brand recognition, bringing life to simple logos and helping create strong, memorable brand expressions. In some cases patterns can become even more recognizable then their actual logo! Because patterns are so fun in branding, we wanted to show some of our favorite ways that patterns can be used in the business world.

    1. Stationary

    Right off the bat, you can use your pattern to help keep the consistency of your brand with your company stationery. Every time you hand out a business card, send a mail piece, or print out an invoice, etc. the viewer develops a deeper sense of brand recognition when they see the pattern applied.

    pattern stationary cosmetics mecca design

    This branding created by Sherman Chia, uses a simple polka dot pattern. Paired with the brand palette and fonts, it creates a confident yet feminine look and feel that will help make the brand more recognizable. See more here.

    pattern stationary fashion novelty design

    Anagrama uses a watercolor pattern with the branding palette to reinforce their brand. The pattern is applied to business cards and as an envelope liner. See more here.

    2. Packaging

    A company that delivers or ships physical goods, or runs in a physical retail space has lots of potential in incorporating their brand patterns. This is a simple way to build brand recognition and keeps your branding cohesive.

    pattern packaging restaurant harveys design

    Harvey House Diner incorporates a playful, typographical and illustrative pattern to build their brand. More here.

    pattern packaging product xoclad design-04

    Another great example of the pattern element used in packaging. From Anagram, more here.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.46.40 PM

    If you are a photographer, here’s a fun way to incorporate many patterns in your client’s print packaging. Ashley Goodwin Photography uses 3 very different patterns, yet ties them all in to her loose and organic brand. See more here.

    Game of Love Pattern Packaging by October Ink

    This may be one of our favorite patterns we’ve done to date. How excited would you be to open up this box? We had to hold ourselves back from using this pattern too much throughout The Game of Love’s branding! See more here.


    Custom printed tissue paper is ALWAYS a good idea. We love this simple yet personalized pattern done by Kevin Cantrell for Hawthorne & Wren. See more here.

    3. Environmental

    There are so many great ways to include a pattern in your actual living or working space. From walls, to windows to trucks… these applications, just might be our favorite.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.44.39 PM

    Oh, Anna Bond just keeps on doing things right. Here is the entry way to their Florida office with one of Rifle Paper Company’s custom patterns from their new wedding line. More here.


    The Falasophy Food Truck, by Nicole LaFave, shows how one can bring your branding to life through a pattern. See more here.
    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.41.09 PM

    How great is this patterned store front? You can print custom designs on opaque or transparent adhesive to dazzle up those window displays. If you’re thinking about it, call us : ) We’d love to get our hands on a project like this. See more here.


    This gingham pattern is to die for in this Australian diner! The bold pattern doesn’t feel overwhelming because of the constrained color palette. I’d feel right at home eating at Slurp. More here.


    Playing with scale on your patterns is always a good idea. We love this enlarged “Bang” Pattern on the clipboards along with the contrasting detailed pattern of the menu. Well done Sofi Azaïs. See more here.

    4. Website

    Here is an easy one. Overlay text on your pattern or use it as a background on your website or blog. Below are some great samples we love of ways patterns are applied to a website.

    pattern web design trig design

    This brilliant design is by Olivia King, incorporating a pattern branching from the shapes of the product and the geometric base of the logo to instill recognition. The pattern is used as a background for the minimalistic yet colorful website. More here.

    pattern web design interwoven design

    Interwoven design by yours truly. We used the organic threaded tribal patten for different web backdrops. More here.


    We hope this helps when deciding on how to implement patterns into your branding. Until next time!

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